Top Esports Teams

Stripes Gamer

Back in the days, individuals who are addicted to games and have even came to the point of becoming lock-ups inside of their own home whilst playing games, are seen by others in a negative way. However, as time passes by, the gaming industry have completely revolutionized this kind of thinking by providing them with a platform where they can show off their skills ? the eSports or the Electronic Sports. Just as how it sounds, it?s like a sports platform for Games and it has undeniably brought great things for the industry and gamers alike. Still, out of all the players and teams built to participate in this innovative gaming platform, there are top ESports Teams that left Stripes Gamer and other gamers in a daze.

The eSports scene have already transcended local and national-level popularity. Nowadays, it has already become the Olympics of Gaming and it is to be expected that there are prizes in the game for those who comes out on top of them. These are the Top ESports teams that have certainly shown their skills to the world and have solidified their reputation and capability in the hearts of their fellow gamers. Whether it be from a list of games like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2, Counter Strike Global and more ? these top teams are those that have gained more than what other teams have made from the eSports scene.

Evil Genius is certainly one of the greatest teams out there with already a total winning of a staggering $11,639,746. It has received an explosive gain in popularity as it managed to win the 5th International Competition for Dota. Huge sponsors have backed up the team and it has become the complete symbol of eSports in America. Another team is the Optic Gaming and compared to Evil Genius, it has more than two-fold of what they have earned. With a staggering total winning of more than $24 Million, it has become completely popular and even in the level of Evil Genius and other famous teams. When it comes to biggest earnings, Fnatic with more than $42 Million Total earnings, Cloud9 with more than $30 Million earnings, and Team Solo Mid with more than $27 Million earnings, have undoubtedly become gargantuan names in the eSports betting scene as well.

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