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When Defense of the Ancients went out in the market, it has rampaged throughout the industry, revolutionized it as a whole and opened new doors to different competitive-natured opportunities that took the gaming industry a step further. It has also undeniably inspired the rise of other battle arena, multiplayer online games like the League of Legends. Online Games LOL have become the center of the limelight during recent years and if you're still not up to the trend, but you're a gamer like , then you're missing out on big things. Stripes Gamer however, is here to give you some of the details you need to learn from the game if you want to start playing or watching it.

Though multiplayer battle arena game like online games lol can be considered quite fast-paced, the complexity of the game especially for beginners simply can't be underestimated. The spectators who doesn't know the game may be clearly left out of what's happening, but that's just one of the issues and complaints regarding this famous game that has completely spread out its influence in the international scene.

Still, even with these, it has garnered the top spot in the eSports games list making it evident just how fun to watch it can be even with the aforementioned cases. In the game, you'll be able to pick heroes all in a different format than the Defense of the Ancients, but with few similarities that may even make you feel nostalgic. The inner part of the game itself definitely have higher graphics than the original Defense of the Ancients, but the mechanics or rules of the game is basically the same.

In the game, you'll have to pick out a hero or even buy one of your liking then you'll have to battle it out with eSports teams composting of two or more players. Your characters are called Champions in the game and your main task is to destroy and ravage the opponent's Nexus. Still, before you are able to do that, you'll have to get stronger and that is by accumulating gold and money through killing mobs and other player Champions and building items that will complement and strengthen your hero. The Online games Lol is undeniably one of the most interesting game in the world and there's every reason you should jump on the bandwagon and play the game.

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