Guitar Hero Tournament

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Avid Gamers and Music Lovers alike have unquestionably rejoiced and reveled as games and music met and transformed into something more innovative, which shook both industry as a whole. This is in the form of incredibly popular arcade-like game, the Guitar Hero. This game has been in the industry since 2005, with upgrades from 1 to 5, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock up to the more recently added, Guitar Hero Live. Though it may not be on par with the greatest multi-player games today, it has still managed to work its way up in the eSports scene with a seat to execute Guitar Hero Tournaments in different parts of the globe. Stripes Gamer is undeniably a fan of this game as well and if you are too, then you're in luck as you'll get to know more about it in this article.

Stripes Gamers and other gamers out there would surely agree that we first fell in love with Guitar Hero Tournament, back in the release of its first Guitar Hero game that opened new doors for the gaming industry. This was made more apparent than ever with the upgrade of this game to Guitar Hero II when it incorporated multi-player options with more music choices to pick from - giving it a more complete form that enabled it to enter different markets. It may have been revered back in the days as a great home gaming console, but it evolved until you can see it in your local arcades and until there were competitions executed for it.

Though nowadays, the game may not be the most popular especially when placed with other eSports games, there's certainly points in time where it rise into the occasion and has managed to prove itself to be worthy of being in the International Scene especially with its highly competitive form that faces players against each other in a music battle to see who'll shine the best. One of the most noteworthy and biggest tournament where the game was included was the Electronic Sports 2010 World Cup.

In the eSports 2010 World Cup, the Guitar Hero Tournament was held with the use of the Guitar Hero 5 which was only added on 2008 as the game's fifth upgrade or expansion. With it, more music options and features were added, making the game even more exemplary than how it was already back in the days. The 2010 eSports have pooled a total staggering prize of $10.5 Million dollars for the competition, making it an incredibly huge tournament that sent waves across the gaming industry and the world.

The tournament was held in iconic Paris, France and there are three players that rose to the occasion and dominated the prize money and the tournament as a whole. There are also sites that accept eSports bets on tournaments. Garnering Top place is the username, Banobi who earned a phenomenal game-changing $6 Million, LuckySonic on the other hand earned $3 Million and Smokyprogg snatched $1.5 Million from the remains of the original $10.5 Million prize Pool. With the advent of the recent Guitar Hero Live expansion, we could expect that more Guitar Hero tournaments will come and there's no doubt that we will all be captivated by it.

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