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With the popularity of PC gaming skyrocketing through the roof these recent years due to its explosive improvements, especially on games that are known for its multi-player approaches, it has finally evolved into something that people could watch on television, internet and more - that's through the renowned global competition, Electronic Sports or eSports. It will certainly spell the golden days for games that are included in this competition as it will surely be in the limelight for years to come. Proof for eSport popularity and recognition as a real sport is that you can bet today on eSport matches for real money in online casinos like Planet 7, for which our readers can get an exclusive no deposit bonus from The top games online are often the ones that are able to bask in the glory of being added to the eSports Games list and if you're still not acquainted with them, no worries as Stripes Gamer will give you some of the most revered games on them.

When it comes to ESports Games List, there's no doubt that many would agree with Stripes Gamer that League of Legends have certainly owned the top spot during the years of eSports. Though it may not be the most beginner-friendly game, it's considered to be the most-watched game in the list of games in eSports. Though it may not be the most perfect game out there due to issues and complaints existing in its side as well, it has still already embedded itself on the global market and this is certainly due to the outstanding performance of Riot Games itself.

Though in the years of eSports, Dota 2 may not have been placed in the limelight of the competition, it has still undeniably earned one of the top spots in eSports betting. The upgraded version of the Defense of the Ancients have certainly piqued the interest and anticipation of players who've been captivated by the original game, however, it has failed to rise to the occasion in the eSports scene due to its incapability to penetrate the market of South Korea. Still, it's unquestionably an addictive game that's popular throughout the globe and it's a safe pick for any gamers out there.

Challenging the popularity and the reputation of the League of Legends in the eSports section, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive is continuously pushing through the sports and is slowly but surely gaining more and more captivated fans across the world. It's offensive and straight attacking competition between two teams have also been the greatest attraction of this game to its spectators due to it being more fast-paced than LOL and Dota 2. These three are certainly the best games on the eSports Games List, but there are certainly more in the list to check out if you like to.

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